Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Are you facing surgery? Or recovering? Hypnosis may help

More hospitals are opening up to hypnotherapy and hypnosis for pain management, pre-op care, and other uses. This is a heartening article about a hospital in New Jersey that offers hypnosis as an alternative to anesthesia: New-age prescriptions: Yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, more While hypnosis sounds "space age," it's really an ancient art. And slowly but surely, despite the drug-fixated times we live in, some hospitals are beginning to embrace what it has to offer for the good of their patients.

Many people have used hypnosis very successfully for pain management. I had my own experience a few months ago in which hypnosis was actually the only thing that could bring me relief.

A surface filling in one of my teeth had fallen out -- it was small, and I ignored it, thinking it could wait until....well, whenever! (yes, I know what you are thinking, and you are right -- I could use hypnosis on myself for procrastination...I'll do that as soon as I get around to it. (haha.))

Of course, when the nerve was finally irritated enough, the pain started -- and, of course, it was around 1:00 a.m. on a Friday night...it would be a long night and two days before the dentist would be available. The nerve pain was the most intense I've ever had.

Ibuprofen did not make a dent in the pain. I had a small bottle of Vicodin that I'd never used after I'd had a wisdom tooth pulled, so I rummaged around in the bathroom until I finally found it. I was sure it would be strong enough to bring me relief. Well, instead of relief, it made me feel ill. My tooth was just as painful -- even more painful -- and now I had the sweats and felt like I might pass out from nausea.

Finally, in my suffering, it dawned on me that I'm a hypnotherapist and should be able to help myself -- Why is it that we sometimes forget what we know when we most need it? :)

About pain management with hypnosis: There is a funny thing about the mind that most of us do not know -- our mind can only focus on one thought at a time. Sometimes it may seem as though we are thinking of many things simultaneously, but in reality, our thoughts bounce from thought to thought to thought at lightening speed. The technique I used was to go into light hypnosis, and focus very intently on the comfort in my hand. (You could use any body part... even the tip of your nose, if that is the only place that is comfortable in the moment.)

Focusing very intently on the comfort, you can begin to feel the comfort radiating... that comfort eventually can move anywhere you want it to move. And, yes, I moved this comfort to my tooth. I next focused on the comfort of my other teeth...they eventually felt like they could "radiate" comfort to my one tooth in need of comfort. I even surprised myself with how well it worked, and I should know better. Hypnosis never ceases to amaze me, which is part of why this work brings me joy.

I blocked my pain, got a good night's sleep, then managed my pain for 2 days this way until I could get into see my lovely dentist, Dr. Wandell in Hoquiam. (Thank you, Dr. Wandell and staff!)


Please consider using hypnosis if you are dealing with chronic pain, and also if you are about to undergo surgery or medical treatment. Many people have found it helps them go through the process more smoothly, more relaxed, and with fewer complications. After a procedure, hypnosis can help with pain management and healing -- you can mobilize your bodies own natural healing forces to speed up your recovery.

If you are facing a medical procedure or treatment, or if you are in recovery, I can work with you as a hypnotherapist with your doctor's permission. (I have a simple referral form that almost any medical doctor will feel comfortable signing.)

If you'd prefer, you can try a recorded hypnosis session -- Hypnosis Downloads has a wide variety. (I'm in no way affiliated with these people and make nothing if you buy from them!)

Til next time, you have my blessings....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Have a Baby With No Pain" article on WEAU.com

Here's another recent article from WEAU.com in Western Wisconsin: Have a baby with no pain

From the article: "There are birthing classes at the hospital and they teach you a great deal, but what I found I didn't really have any classes to talk about what you could to participate and really help birthing take place," says Gehrke.

That's very true about most hospital birthing classes. I encourage couples to attend hospital childbirth classes if they are interested, because they are often full of good information about the birthing center, the process, and the new baby and her care.

They normally don't teach women techniques that will help her have a safe, calm natural childbirth, however. The other thing to watch for is how much negative programming they may contain -- do they focus on the negative? on what could go wrong? on pain? I advise couples to be consciously aware of those things, so they do not inadvertently sink in and become part of their "programming".

What you think about really does matter. Our expectations -- even the ones that are subliminal -- have an influence over what we experience. If you don't believe me, just ask any successful Ad Agency. :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Article: Hospital in Massachusettes embraces HypnoBirthing

I found this article about Tobey hospital in Massachusetts that emphasizes natural childbirth. The mom that leads the article used HypnoBirthing for both her babies -- "When it's all over, you feel empowered — you were able to do that," is her quote.

"Empowered" is exactly how I felt after giving birth to my two babies. The feeling of elation -- enhanced by my body's natural endorphins that were still coursing through me -- made me feel like I could do anything. I remember telling my husband -- "some men may be able to climb Mt Everest, but women GIVE BIRTH!" I felt strong and grounded; I was on cloud nine for days.

Ten years later, the fact that there are more hospitals embracing natural childbirth today is great -- but we have a long way to go before it's common.

Moms and couples, remember you do have a choice. Birth does not need to be a medical emergency, and yet we are conditioned (by our doctors, our television, and our well-meaning friends/family) to believe it is.

Please don't get me wrong -- I'm a big supporter of medicine when used appropriately, and I don't believe a woman "fails" somehow if her birth is not completely natural. What I don't agree with is the prevalent attitude among many hospitals and practitioners that birth should be treated from the get-go as a medical emergency. Women should be supported in their decision to have a natural birth (not bullied out of it). Doctors, bless them, should be on-hand in case special circumstances arise that require his/her skills. But, otherwise, let's remember this: a woman and a baby have been engineered by nature over millions to do just this thing!

On another note: what positive effect on the overall state of our over-taxed healthcare system could eliminating all but essential c-sections have? Food for thought.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hypnotherapy...science beginning to acknowledge the benefits

QUOTE: "Hypnosis is popping up as a health tool in places where it was once shunned. Hypnosis is popping up as a health tool in places where it was once shunned."

This is a positive article about the fact that western medicine is beginning to acknowledge and utilize the benefits of Hypnotherapy in some situations. Published by Freedom Press, Feb 1 2007 - Hypnosis increasingly is used as serious therapy to help patients control anxiety and alleviate symptoms Smoking, pain management, phobias, and childbirth are all mentioned.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

You CAN have a calm, more comfortable NATURAL birth

If you are interested in having a natural childbirth, you owe it to yourself to consider HypnoBirthing®. HypnoBirthing is a combination of education about the birth process -- learn how women and babies are "genetically engineered" for the birth process! -- and many self-hypnosis techniques that enable a safer, calmer, much more comfortable birth.

I know -- I had two HypnoBirthing babies in 1995 and 1999. I was so amazed at the power of our unconscious minds, I became a hypnotherapist and a HypnoBirthing practitioner!

Please read my website at www.hypnowellness.net. I've included a lot more information about hypnosis, my own birth experience, the HypnoBirthing Method, as well as reading and listening ideas for those people who like to know more.

I teach out of my home in Hoquiam, Washington (Grays Harbor area). HypnoBirthing is taught in 5 classes (one per week) which are 2-1/2 hours each. The cost is $200 per couple, and it includes a CD and a book. If you are interested in joining, please contact me at laura@hypnowellness.net or call me at 360-533-8676.