Saturday, January 10, 2009

HypnoWellness is now Inner Wellness Center

We've moved and changed our name! This blog will be deleted in the future. Please visit for the new blog.

Our new location:

Inner Wellness Center of Grays Harbor
Located in The Eye Center building near Walmart)
207 South Chehalis, Suite 204

thank you!

Friday, July 04, 2008

“You have stinkin’ thinkin’ and need a check up from the neck up!”

I like this quote which I heard from a master hypnotist/healer Robert Otto. Much of the time, what “ails” us is being driven by the content in our subconscious minds. Fears, false beliefs, negative thoughts/emotions -- this is the stuff that often needs to be discovered, released and reframed into something more beneficial, so we can reach our goals.

For instance, I often tell my weight loss clients that if it were just about eating less and moving more, they'd be thin. When that doesn't work, there's a conflict somewhere -- an energy inside working hard against them. While they push, push, push to reach their goals, something else in them is pulling them back. It often feels like an internal tug-o-war.

If you've ever tried affirmations -- postive expressions of your goals that are stated in the present as though they've occurred -- you know that it can feel like a part of you believes, but a part of you resists. If we don't deal with what's under the surface standing in our way, it's harder to change. We can use lots of conscious will-power, but not get where we want as fast as we want, because the creative energy within is divided.

There's always a good reason for the tug-of-war feeling. The "gold" we look for at the subconscious level are the blocks that are still active in you. These often started as creative adaptations, or “solutions” to some problem. They usually have their roots back to when we were a lot younger and didn't have the maturity to understand what was really happening.

Once hypnosis has been induced, we have access to a vast part of the mind that contains all our beliefs, emotions and memories -- it's a part of us that influences us constantly, but which we can't get to intentionally when we're in our ordinary conscious state. Once hypnosis is induced, we work with regression (following feelings into an earlier memory), we use Gestalt work with dreams, we use visualization and metaphor, parts mediation, and other approaches.

While I have a plan for every session, I’m flexible too -- I always trust the sub-conscious mind and where it takes us. I believe we're all always on a path toward healing. There’s a deep part of YOU that wants to heal, and when we do hypnosis together, this part of you is in the driver’s seat.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Food for thought : Women speak about their births....

This 5-minute video is a collage of quotes from women about how they felt having vaginal versus cesarean births. It was created by a Master's student in the College of Nursing at Seattle University.

Today 1 in 3 American births are cesarean - contrary to popular misbelief, this has increased risk to mom and to baby. It has also increased the costs in a medical/insurance system that is caving under itself.

While no one can argue that a surgical birth can be life-saving in true emergencies, women who are tempted to believe they are better than physiological birth have been misguided and need much more education.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch HypnoBirthing in the news! Call me for Grays Harbor classes

Kathryn Beck, a HypnoBirthing practitioner I know of through our online Group for HypnoBirthing, was part of a news piece in New York City the other day. She and one of her moms were interviewed, and it's a good little clip to give you a sense of what HypnoBirthing is -- a way to experience natural childbirth in a comfortable and (yes!) even enjoyable way. Listen to the mom talk about how she had pressure, but no pain.

And notice the doctor -- he seems pretty skeptical. (I am doubting he's actually witnessed a HypnoBirth.) Interestingly, he seems to imply an epidural is a better way by default to have birth without suffering. There's a basic assumption today that Nature is flawed and that chemical and surgical birth interventions are superior.

After talking to many women who did NOT have a positive experience with an epidural, I know that too often women are not fully educated before they opt for inductions and epidurals.

HypnoBirthing stands on the otherside -- we teach that when women are properly prepared -- emotionally, mentally, and physically -- birth is natural, comfortable, and one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences a mother can have.

If you are in the Grays Harbor area, and you are interested in hypnobirthing classes, please contact me -- 360 593 2214

Watch the tv clip!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dilbert and hypnosis...who knew?

I just found this impressive article on hypnosis by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. Surprisingly, he does a very good job describing what hypnosis is -- and isn't -- about, and it's clear he's familiar from first-hand experience. I don't completely agree with everything he says, but overall it's a great synopsis.

Most importantly, this article can help demystify the process for the person who is just starting to investigate hypnosis.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Surgery without chemical anesthesia? Watch!

The phenomenon of pain can be mysterious, confounding even the best medical experts at times. We tend to assume that pain happens in the body and that our minds have little to do with it. That can leave us feeling like victims when we have chronic pain that the pill or surgery doesn't cure.

How does our conceptualization of pain -- and our thinking about the mind/body relationship -- change when we understand that people can undergo what many of us would assume to be the most extreme type of pain -- physical, invasive surgery -- without anything but the power of our minds to eliminate the pain?

I encourage you to watch this video on Hypnosurgery, which was broadcast in April 2006 in the U.K. At minimum, you should find it thought-provoking and challenging to your understanding of pain. I hope you'll also find it inspiring. Even if you and I will not choose to have our surgery completely without anesthesia, we can learn a lot about who we are and the power contained within our minds by watching these types of examples from our own medical world of today.

On a personal note, I've had the privilege of learning from Dr. John Butler, one of the featured surgeon/hypnotherapists, who is also a good friend and colleague of Gil Boyne's. He was present at a workshop I took last year and led a session or two. I've also seen a video of Dr. Butler himself undergoing surgery without anesthesia. This is a man -- a lovely, warm, incredibly knowledgeable professional -- who walks his talk. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Practical Parenting with Hypnosis

My boys are 8 and 10. Our family life -- with two parents who work -- can be stressful sometimes, just like most family's. As a mom, I have found the use of hypnosis -- for myself and for my children -- can be a very practical tool for keeping the peace in day-to-day living.

Take Thursday, for instance. I don't know about you, but there's always a lot to squeeze into our morning. Getting exhuberant kids dressed, fed, and well-listened to (we use our morning time to catch up as I sip my coffee and wake up) and then equipped with homework folders, permission slips, lunch money, band instruments...the list goes on... is always a bit of a feat.

One unexpected event or accident can throw off a morning and start a chain reaction of stress. I'm sure other parents can relate!

Last Thursday, with 10 minutes before kids were due to offer final kisses and hugs goodbye and march off to school, my youngest smashed his finger in the bathroom door. I was just getting out of the shower, and after hurrying to throw on some clothes, I met his sobbing self in the middle of the upstairs hallway. Paul's not one to cry easily, but the tears were streaming down his face, and I could see his finger really hurt.
"Sit down with me," I said.

Paul questioned me with his eyes, as I plopped down as if it were the most normal thing in the world to have a conversation on the hallway floor in the middle of traffic. As Paul sat down, I held his little finger.

"I can tell this finger hurts really bad. If the hurt had a color, what color would it be? Close your eyes and tell me."


"Ok, good. And if it made a sound, what sound would it make?"

"...'creeeeeeeeaaaaak' like a squeaky door."

"Good. Now what does it feel like? Give me some words ... is it stabbing and pinching?"

"Yes -- stabbing and BURNING."

After we identified the color, the sound, and the feeling, I asked Paul to find somewhere very very comfortable on his body, and he found his other hand. I asked him the same three questions, and he closed his eyes and came up with: a deep blue-jean blue, the sound of an owl, and a cool, gentle breeze.

Next, I gave him the suggestion to put all his attention on the blue, the whoo-whoo sound, and the cool breezy feeling and to allow those to grow and, expand bigger and bigger. Finally, I asked him to imagine the blue, whoo-whoo-ing and cool, cool feeling was actually replacing the white-pink, creaking, burning feeling. More and more the blue color took over and the white-pink became dimmer and dimmer, less and less. I suggested that any time he needed any more comfort in his finger, all he had to do was remember the blue, whoo-whoo-ing, cool breezy feeling.

All of this took less than three minutes to do. It was a very simple process of establishing rapport -- I acknowledged I completely understood his pain and I took it very seriously -- and helping him to change his focus.

By the end of 3 minutes, Paul looked up surprised at himself -- the pain was much, much less and the tears had stopped. He smiled and said he could go to school now.

Now, I know that in this context this exercize may sound like a simple game of pretend that will only work with children, but I guarantee you it is not! :) The mind-body connection is real, and teaching ourselves and our children what is possible in terms of living healthy, happy lives by controlling our thoughts, is one of the best gifts we can give.

If you are interested in my Practical Parenting with Hypnosis class, please contact me.