Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch HypnoBirthing in the news! Call me for Grays Harbor classes

Kathryn Beck, a HypnoBirthing practitioner I know of through our online Group for HypnoBirthing, was part of a news piece in New York City the other day. She and one of her moms were interviewed, and it's a good little clip to give you a sense of what HypnoBirthing is -- a way to experience natural childbirth in a comfortable and (yes!) even enjoyable way. Listen to the mom talk about how she had pressure, but no pain.

And notice the doctor -- he seems pretty skeptical. (I am doubting he's actually witnessed a HypnoBirth.) Interestingly, he seems to imply an epidural is a better way by default to have birth without suffering. There's a basic assumption today that Nature is flawed and that chemical and surgical birth interventions are superior.

After talking to many women who did NOT have a positive experience with an epidural, I know that too often women are not fully educated before they opt for inductions and epidurals.

HypnoBirthing stands on the otherside -- we teach that when women are properly prepared -- emotionally, mentally, and physically -- birth is natural, comfortable, and one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences a mother can have.

If you are in the Grays Harbor area, and you are interested in hypnobirthing classes, please contact me -- 360 593 2214

Watch the tv clip!